Coding in my Man Cave

According to Wikipedia, a man cave is a male retreat or sanctuary in a home. It’s a metaphor for a room inside the house where a guy can do as he pleases, without upsetting the woman of the house. I spend most of my time, while I’m in my “codeman cave”, coding one thing or another.

I’m retired and I own a house in the Philippines. I actually own a compound of four houses, but the one I sleep in is the only one I care about. The master bedroom, my bedroom, is my primary codeman cave. It’s usually the only room with air conditioning on. My wife has no say so about how the room looks or what I put in it. We made that agreement many, many years ago.

When the weather’s nice and it’s not too humid, I like to use a semi-closed off area under the driveway (oops, it’s a carport now), sharing the space with only a hot water heater. It’s my secondary codeman cave and it actually resembles a cave, albeit a half-rectangular one.

A Coding Repository

Coding is a hobby for me. I sometimes have to do it out of necessity, but not as often as I do it because I want to do it. When it becomes a form of work, it’s no longer a hobby.

I can take a piece of code and make it better than it was before, or at least different from what it was before. I wrestle with code as one of my pastimes. I’m pretty good at mangling it too.

I have a developer server and I keep everything up-to-date by myself with Ubuntu as the operating system, Nginx as the web server, PHP as the scripting engine, MySQL as the database software and WordPress as my website software (for now).

The only things you’ll find here are articles about code or coding in one form or another. It’s my code repository, which I’ll refer to more often than anyone else.

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